Informatio is a valued reseller of Georgia SoftWorks software. Informatio has the knowledge to understand how the Georgia SoftWorks products will meet the customers’ requirements and the skills to provide excellent support.
Naomi Thompson, Georgia Softworks

The incorporation of the RF terminals within the company's ERP system was implemented by means of the GeorgiaSoftworks telnet platform, which was first thoroughly tested and then introduced by the experts from the Informatio company. Due to their advanced skills, they were able to advise us on the detailed adjustment of the telnet parameters to enable stable communication links between the RF terminals and the ERP System.
Samo Drab, Krka Novo mesto

Informatio is a company that listens carefully, analyzes the needs of the client and offer a professional proposal. Their special value is the full support and reliability in the process of deployment and use.
Andrej Slak, Renault Nissan Slovenia

Informatio is one of our best partners for resale to end customers. Informatio is able to maintain long-term relationship with its customers and due to good technical support they can provide, we have absolutely no extra work.
Darjan Marčič, Sophos